Snow Troupe: The Bow Performance “Yoshitsune Youko Mugen Zakura”

Of course, everyone expected her to play the leading role in the Bow performance some time this year and was looking forward to “Yoshitsune Youko Mugen Zakura” to start…Asami Jun, yet another 95th takarasienne on the rise!

95th is such a legendary class. It already produced three top musume-yaku (Misaki Rion, Hinami Fu, Manaki Reika) and two second-line stars (Rei Makoto and Ruzuka Rei).

Asami Jun, who moved from Moon Troupe to Snow Troupe in summer 2017, is definitely one of rosen (rosen means “on track to succeed, or to be the top star”. The word often used by Takarazuka fans.) stars.

“Yoshitsune Youko Mugen Zakura”, the play she stars in, opened on 29th of March and has been receiving great reviews so far; looks like a lot of fans remarked that she has taken her singing ability to the next level. The play is on until 9th of April.




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