Flower Troupe: “MESSIAH- Ibun Amakusa Shiro” Image Released

Takarazuka fans are going crazy over the “MESSIAH- Ibun Amakusa Shiro” image which was released yesterday (29th, March) on Twitter, blogs and everywhere else!

Very mysterious, beautiful and not quite what we expected for some reason.

Asumi Rio, the Flower Troupe top star, received rave reviews for her performance in “The Poe Clan” (performed from January to March 2018). It’s her fifth year as the top star, and she is still ever-evolving.

The average term for top stars in Takarazuka is 3 years; Yuzuki Reon was at the top for more than 6 years which is the longest record in decades. Seems like Asumi Rio is staying for the rest of 2018 (I’m just guessing), so she might break the record set by Yuzuki.





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